Publication certificate of published paper will be issue on the request of author

Print and Online

Authors will receive hard copies of published paper, certificates and digital certificates.

Publication Fee

Payment By Paypal
Publication Fee

Payment By 2checkout
Foreign Authors
For Single author(US$40)
For two author(US$50)
For three author(US$60)
For more than three authors(US$70)
Per author for print copy of certificate(US$20)

             Page up to 20 Pages

A publication fee of Rs.1550/- ($40) for Single author, Rs.2000 /- ($50) for two authors, Rs 2500  ($60) for three authors and Rs 2800  ($70) for more than three authors is payable for manuscript ACCEPTED for publication.

Rs 200 Extra For Hard Copy of Certificate for Single Author

Rs 300 For 2 Authors

Rs 400 For 3 Authors

Print journal charges with online publication

Full Journal charges 3500 (100$) including Print publication charges print certificate digital certificate online publication

*Rs 1000 extra along with normal fee for publish on demand within 24 hour